Meet Vanessa. Why does she talk to animals?


Although Vanessa is a well-adjusted individual who does, indeed, communicate with humans regularly, she discovered a unique bond with animals at an early age when she was uprooted from her native New Jersey to move to Colorado with her family. The promise of a new puppy made the move bearable for then five-year-old Vanessa. Blueberry, her blue-eyed Australian Shepherd mix, was her first connection to animals and the magic they possess to make the world okay. 

She's legit.

Vanessa began training with well-known animal communicator Terri O'Hara in 2005, and completed a one-year intensive apprenticeship under Terri in 2013. During the apprenticeship, she gained experience by talking with a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, and even dolphins while on a retreat in Bimini. Through this training, Vanessa realized that just about every species (yes, even chickens) has something to say.

Vanessa also completed the certification program from the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work in Advanced Study in Animals and Human Health. She teaches Humane Education to at-risk youth through Denver Public Schools and other local mental health agencies. The classes promote and emphasize compassion, respect, empathy and self-esteem through canine behavior and training.

More good stuff about Vanessa.

Vanessa has been a volunteer puppy raiser since 2004 for Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs. She and her husband Kevin have raised nine puppies for the organization. 

In addition to having a puppy-in-training in their home, Vanessa and Kevin are pet parents to a 14-year-old yellow lab named Chisum and a 4-year-old black lab, golden retriever mix named Brittles (Note that they did not have a say in their naming).

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver.