Your pet has something to say. 

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking or feeling? Does your discerning cat approve of the house sitter? Is the new dog fitting in and is there anything he needs? Is the horse getting along with his barn-mates? Or maybe you’d like to reassure your pets when there are changes in the household, or tell a pet who has passed on how much you love and miss him.

Animal Communicator, Vanessa Graziano, can help.

It's a simple love connection.

Animal communication is an intuitive connection between the animal and their person; an exchange of love energy. It’s like when you think about someone and she calls you out of the blue. You know it’s a connection, not a coincidence.  

Vanessa uses the heart-to-heart special connection you have with your pet to facilitate a conversation between the two of you. And you may be surprised at how much your pet has to chat about.

Photography by Haley Hughes and Reen Axtell